Persimmons Smoothie Bowl

If you’re anywhere near New York City then you’ll know what I mean when I say fall took ten years to actually get here. I’m pretty sure I remember Halloween being pretty cold when I was a kid. With warming fall favors and and featuring the sweet pumpkin-y Persimmon, we can use this bowl to pretend it’s global warming isn’t slowly sinking in.

Golden Milk Smoothie Bowl

I’ve never been a huge fan of very sweet things. I think that’s why Golden Milk speaks to me. I usually have a version of it every morning with my coffee. The drink has a lot of things–ginger, turmeric, honey, cinnamon, black pepper, milk–that somehow work together. For a totally unique flavor I add .

Lucuma powder is made by drying and grinding a Peruvian (and Chilean, and Ecuadorian) fruit. It’s pretty nutritious–packed with beta carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3 and calcium– and adds a subtle maple-like flavor to any dish.
For my bowl I add:
Avocado and kale–for added fat and fiber.

Persimmon–their sweet pumpkin taste adds another layer of flavor.
And coconut milk–I hate the weird film cow’s milk leaves on your tongue.

2 Fuyu Persimmons
2 avocado
2 cup frozen kale
2 Tbsp Turmeric Powder
4 Tbsp ground Cinnamon
1 bsp Lucuma Powder
1 tsp each: Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Ground Cloves, Cardamon, and lemon extract
1/4 cup Ginger Juice
4 cup Coconut Milk; unsweetened vanilla

The bowl was supposed to be orange but sometimes things don’t mix as well as your think 🙈

To top: Sliced Persimmons, Coconut Flakes, Shredded coconut, Hemp Seeds, Dried Cranberries, Cacao Nibs, and Pumpkin Seeds.

See you here next time for some of my favorite holidays desserts!

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