The Amateur Foodie

Food is great because it gives you the ability to travel while staying still. One bite of my dad’s potato hash and I’m a little kid again helping my dad cook on Saturday mornings while Pokémon plays in the background.

If I even smell cornmeal, or cinnamon, or vanilla, or nutmeg, I‘m sitting at my mom’s table waiting for her to serve me a bowl of porridge. We always started at the edge of the bowl because it cooled faster.

Food is actually pretty magical.

One of the best parts of traveling is the those little moments. The moment you bite into a flaky Spanakopita, or cut into the crispy crust of a Neapolitan pizza, or take your first bittersweet sip of Bosnian coffee. These are the moments that make your eyes light up, that make you feel connected to a culture different from your own.

I hope my recipes help you make memories and my food reviews inspire some little moments of your own.