Cockle Miso Soup

So here’s my secret: I’m not a clam person. Their briny flavor has always turned me off, and don’t even get me started on raw oysters, or as I like to call them snot with rocks.

Enter cockles

Small, unobtrusive, and tender. They bring a delicate flavor with them wherever they go.

The next Miso is my version of an Asari Miso Soup. It typically calls for Manila Clams (Asari) but since I couldn’t find them, I used cockles.

Cockles and Clams look pretty similar. If you know anything about biological (scientific) classification then I can tell you they have the same class and phylum but a different order.

If you don’t let’s just say they’re cousins and move on.

Here’s what I used to make this amazing soup which I ate all of alone in my room watching My Hero Academia

Wild Cockle Miso Soup

Serves 4⠀⠀

1lb cockles

4cups +1/2 cup cold water

Kosher Salt

1 4 inch (20g) Kombu

2 Tbsp: White Miso, Red Miso

  1. Put kombu, purged clams, and 4 cups cold water into pot and over medium heat bring to a gentle simmer. When the water begins to boil remove kombu and continue simmering until all the cockles are open. Make sure to remove the cockles as they open to keep them from over cooking.
  2. When all the cockles are cooked pass renaming liquid through a fine mesh sieve add miso.
  3. Divide Cockles evenly between four bowls and pour miso soup over them.

I served it with short grain rice & Rosè Sake but it works by itself or even served at a breakfast with an omelette.

Next time will be my last Miso. I’ll be adding chicken, veggies, and udon noodles. What’s your favorite noodle?

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